Plastic Grocery Bags Started The Lefts Attack on Freedom

While the radical left stops at nothing to enhance big government regulations on everyday life, we should not allow the government to dictate to us what types of bags can be used in our shopping. Personally, Jesus himself aka Ronald Wilson Reagan said “government isn’t the answer to our problem it is the problem”. I worked at Meijer for years and in terms of space, plastic bags at a large quantity take up way less space than paper bags. The case of them also weigh less creating less risk for workers of getting hurt stocking them up for use. The government’s responsibility is to provide safety, public services and ensure that the common person can feed themselves and their family. However, it is a radical liberal overreach to ban plastic straws or bags. Global warming is a left wing conspiracy theory, that we probably can’t reverse in our lifetimes if it is real life. Unlike MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s dreams or maybe reality, we are a free society that promotes individualism and freedom of choice. This isn’t to start off a South Dakota Kristie Noem script for a commercial about South Dakota meaning business, it’s to state what the framers had in mind when they wrote the constitution. 

Now the aldi model for plastic and paper bags is a clear example of individual choice. Paper costs 7 cents Plastic costs 10 cents, or you bring your own bag and avoid this charge. This is how it should be handled, leave several options to the consumer and allow the consumer to make the choice. When the citizens are treated like children and told what they can do, it creates even more division than was previously in place. Gretchen Whitmer banning church services but opening bars and gyms creates public perception that she doesn’t care about freedom to practice religion. Governments can try to create certain policies for stopping littering, but recycling programs have been running for years. There has been great success in these efforts, however plastic shopping bags may be harder to recycle as some people use them for household trash bags or for their cat litter. I’m the second part, I use the plastic bags to put my cats waste into the bag and then throw it out. Literally at any moment Gretchen Whitmer may release another pointless executive order, like she has multiple times this year. To summarize my personal opinion on this, looking at the map its just failing left wing states that have really enacted a serious crackdown on plastic bags. But cutting to my overall take on this, the government should allow private enterprise to decide what type of bags are offered or allow us to buy the bag so we can choose. Whole Foods feels elite because the paper bags are the only choice and they happen to be quality overall paper bags. Both types of bags fail, in fact I typed that and remembered my Whole Foods bag handles came off during its maiden voyage home from the store. 

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