Matthew Stafford is The Same QB

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First and foremost…

John Matthew Stafford was the Quarterback of The Detroit Lions and did everything he is doing in LA for 12 years in Detroit Michigan. Now the national media is actually paying attention but really its just the same old Stafford. “Matthew Stafford is 2-0 with 5 TDs & 1 INT. Last. time he was 2-0 was 2017 & he had 6 TD’s & 1 INT. He proceeded to go 7-7 with with 23 TDs & 10 INT. Of course they missed the playoffs because he was bad in two must win games down the stretch. That’s Stafford.”- Local Same Old Lions Poet Laurette Jeffrey Riger

Matthew Stafford is the SAME EXACT QB HE WAS IN DETROIT.

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