So The RobDiddy Instagram Was Hacked

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So I made a terrible mistake and allowed someone to be able to hack my IG via my cash app tag. Today I want you to know that you should always ignore those messages on IG and not try to make it a bit or troll them. We have been on an incredible odyssey from 2008 maybe 2006 til now. We went from Smashin Bishes to Personal Trainer to Paint Messiah.


In between I became the video and audio editor of choice for former Detroit Radio hosts. Ive spent hours talking to Matt Dery and Dennis Fithian on video chat. I met Mr. Positive of Detroit Radio, I talked to him when he was in the hospital. I inspired people to become healthier, to chase their dreams or learn a knew skill. Ive shown that no matter how bad your teeth are you can get them fixed and be the same person, because physical appearance is meaningless unless you love yourself.

Does it matter that an Instagram account which showcases my best and worst moments was hacked and maybe knocked off line? No. The truth of the matter is, if we are doing it right we are always evolving into another version of ourselves that’s better. I trolled on politics because everything in my life I did everyday was gone because of COVID 19.

Truthfully going back to school and becoming a personal trainer helped me build discipline and a strong mindset. But as soon as I left Carls YMCA in Milford for the Livonia Y, the first time I had to spend an hour with someone… I realized I hated this. So I self medicated Adderall and the pain killers for my sciatica to get through the Y and LA Fitness. I hated being stuck with someone for an hour, I hate forced small talk.

The truth is during the pandemic when I was given free money I learned how to do home improvement and outdoors stuff. I also mastered video and audio editing plus this website… What I found is what really made me happy in life. I get to do the dream building I did as a trainer but for peoples homes and not worry about commission. I also get to make freelance money off my new found skills. When my former mentor checked me instead of taking it as a diss I realized that the best was yet to come.