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  • Detroit Lions 2022 Draft Grades.. What Did Brad Holmes Give Alex Anzalone? (S2 E11)
    General manager Brad Holmes went into the 2022 NFL draft determined to find a “game changer” and came away with two players who fit that bill. This is why I believe the Detroit Lions had one of the best draft hauls in the league. I’m asked to grade the Lions’ picks every year after the […]
  • Facebook/Instagram Aka Meta Dont Care About Your Security
    RobDiddy is dead as a door nail and Facebook and Instagram killed him. If you think that meta actually cares about peoples historical online social media profiles and identities.. You’re probably a Joe Biden voter or someone who works for the media. This is the biggest disgrace in the history of Facebook and Instagram dating […]
  • So The RobDiddy Instagram Was Hacked
    So I made a terrible mistake and allowed someone to be able to hack my IG via my cash app tag. Today I want you to know that you should always ignore those messages on IG and not try to make it a bit or troll them. We have been on an incredible odyssey from […]
  • The Hour Of Action… RobDiddy Blog #1
    Honestly if you look at this website, its been a random article collage just learning how SEO works and how Digital Media works. Most of that time the pandemic made it possible to learn and still have money coming it, then use that money towards budget technology. Which like the kodak AZ528 brought in my […]
    Lets break down video editing. audio editing and SEO so that your podcast make it and you stop wasting your time. When you want to succeed as a podcaster as bad as you want breathe and fail, that’s when it all turns around. Gainz Media Founder Robert Banker introduces The Life Gainz Method, how at […]