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PT Intro

So I have a degree in Exercise Science and an ACE CPT certification. Despite being born with a bone disease and finding joy in my own health, during the pandemic I debated how to change careers. Having Osteogenesis Imperfecta limits how huge I can get.. However I know everything you need to know to help you with the certification process.
I also can help explain to you what a personal trainer actually does and how to prepare a workout plan for a harder client. There are also more posts and pages that can help guide you on the career of Personal Training available at 


Full Disclosure I own that website also and I realized that I should separate the content so that I can write my opinions somewhere different than my health and wellness information. 


Also, if you decide to go as an online Trainer or Health Coach there are options available for you at Which is my website design and graphics website.


So one I own  and I will eventually be posting all of the Health and Exercise stuff on there. But there are certain things that don’t fit with the level of professionalism I want to have there. This is also why I for whatever reason own 5 Domains. So this page will feature workout articles and images that are also going to sometimes be on the main purpose is to build up an audience to support both websites.
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