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Alright ladies and gentlemen as we have promised and have tirelessly been working on the robdiddy podcast and pleased to announce it is officially an anchor.FM Spotify Apple podcasts and coming soon Google podcast. Now it is also monetized so if you are looking to start a podcast go to anchor dot FM or download the app in one of the two app stores.

So, what I’m focusing on at first is a little bit of osteogenesis imperfecta’s back story little motivation for that little arm tidbits about myself and ordered to show some authenticity and to connect meant audience. Now that does not mean at some point that the topics will not switch it could be sports could be politics it could stay on motivation it could be health and fitness. But please subscribe on anchor one of the podcast steps or it’s going to be an incredible journey add honestly, it’s not going to be that great at first just like my video editing and this website was not but just like I laid every single brick brick by brick to build the YouTube and rumble channels I will build this incredible podcast and make it a success.

now staying with the podcast topic if you had any interest in having me as a guest do you want to be a guest on my podcast if you want me to show you how to get started because realistically what this is is me just every single day trying to put some reps in to learn how to do this better an honestly, I do not expect to become rich off it. It is a skill that somehow it’s going to give me a little extra money in but hey just another service that I can offer so if you want me to edit your podcast input gains or looking up on fiber is you know at @robdiddy and @gainzmedia

If you have any interest in collaborating with me maybe you want to start your own podcast and you want to know how to do it hit up for more email me if you live in the Metro Detroit area maybe we can work something out and we can set up your podcasting studio what the next challenging this is going to be is setting up different ways of recording to block out background sounds as the articles on the site had been about cameras microphones and those type of things. We have seen more traffic appear so I’m going to be doing another microphone review article there is a podcast episode comparing four different microphones honestly I just switched the J lab talk the mid-level one is usually 100 it’s on itself 70 honestly is pretty solid works really well. Honestly we’re also going to do a blog post about how Microsoft Word speech dictation has made blogging and creating content way easier than ever before I usually really go with typing but once I switch to bigger laptops it’s been really kind of uncomfortable usually desktop person so I’m going writing this right now with using the J lab Mike and word speech dictation . Honestly the one big problem that I have when I use this as I have to go back and edit sometimes it’s programmers sometimes it’s just making sure that the stuffs in the right flow but it’s all good.

As always episodes can be found at

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