Justin Tuckers Field Goal Still Seems Unreal

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Ever since Sunday when Justin Tucker kicked his 66 yard field goal in the fourth quarter as time expired to beat my Detroit Lions. I have been awestruck I have been searching for answers I felt like hope has gone away then I broke my foot in unrelated event.

What I’ve been wondering ever since is how did this happen I mean we could talk about the referees the clock situation the video that I made and posted unused who was going more than 1500 views ever since I made it on Sunday. We could talk about how this would have never happened if we had Matt Stafford and how Matthew Stafford is balling out in Los Angeles but in reality let us stop and think about this only the Detroit Lions can lose this many times in such a weird fourth quarter collapse. There was the fail Mary against Green Bay there were so many times we’ve had situations that have gone awry in Cleveland they call things just simply the drive the fumble and so forth but in Detroit we just say SOL same old lions we just go on and just take it take it.

Truthfully I still cannot believe that Justin Tucker kicks such a long field goal and I also thought originally watching it that it hit the ground in front of the field goal post this video I’ve included in this post shows definitively had a weird bounce. I guess maybe the Detroit Lions are cursed maybe will never win maybe this will just be how does the rest of my life as so many older people have said and they’ve picked new teens. But truthfully I can not stop rooting for the lions there are my hometown team there’s something about the underdog there’s something about a perennial loser and turning it around and winning look at the St. Louis Rams how they sucked and then Kurt Warner came out of nowhere.

I’m actually stoked about Kurt Warner’s new movie coming out too but the point of this is to say one day it’ll all workout one data lines will win a Super Bowl 1 Dale win a playoff game baby steps this rebuild is going to be agonizing it is weird to say for an entire year that we’re not going to win we’ve been through several losing seasons with the Detroit Tigers after contending and now we’re in a finishing a season about to land near 500 truthfully we will get through this Justin tucker’s field goal was incredible and at the time it was tough to give it appreciation but now I feel I can finally say it was a pretty miraculous play. The Detroit Lions this week are playing the Chicago Bears who are also hapless maybe even worse than alliance because their quarterback got sacked nine times at least we have a strong offensive line.

So as we go forward we will break down the Detroit Lions versus Chicago Bears tomorrow in R NFL and Detroit Lions continuing coverage stay tuned and look for a new episode of the 5th chapter starring Detroit sports radio icon Dennis Fithian and the young stunner Brian Jenilek.

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