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“Monteagudo is one of the survivors of a partial building collapse last week. Rescue teams are still searching through the debris, having recovered 18 people who were killed, in hopes of finding answers for the families of the 145 people still unaccounted for. And investigators are on the scene to try to discover what initiated the horror.

Monteagudo told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that the evening before the collapse, she put her pills and her credit cards in her purse and lit the candle for the Lady Guadalupe, considered a national symbol and matriarch for Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, as well as an important Catholic figure.”

“She went to bed, but around 1:00 a.m. she was woken by what she called a “rare force.”

Believing the feeling came from an open balcony door, she went to her living room to try to close it. But then behind her she saw a crack coming from the ceiling, quickly snaking down the wall and opening fast.

“Something inside of me said run,” Monteagudo said. “You have to run to save your life.”

In moments, she put on the first clothes she could find, grabbed her phone and her purse, blew out the candle and ran out of her apartment, she said.

Once in the hallway, she found quiet: no panic, no alarms and no one else running.

She knew not to take the elevator but didn’t know that the emergency stairs were just beside her unit, so she went to the farthest set of stairs instead.

“If I knew that, maybe I would have taken that one,” Monteagudo said.

But as she was flying down the six floors of stairs, pleading with God to let her see her sons and grandsons again, she heard the sound of the tower she lived in collapsing. If she had been in the stairs closest to her home, she likely would have been crushed, her son said.

“She had to wake up early the next day, the next morning,” her son Andres Alvarez said. “She didn’t take her sleeping pill because she was afraid she was going to oversleep. If it wasn’t for that open door… if it wasn’t for that wind… if she hadn’t seen that crack… she wouldn’t be here telling the story.”

Now, she is safe, Monteagudo said, but she cries for her neighbors, lost in the building she moved into six months ago. Her move came after 40 years living in Miami, telling her friends one day she would be living in Champlain Towers South.”

Trump Was Sicker Than Acknowledged With Covid-19

When he was hospitalized with the coronavirus in October, his blood oxygen levels had plunged and officials feared he was on the verge of being placed on a ventilator.

WASHINGTON — President Donald J. Trump was sicker with Covid-19 in October than publicly acknowledged at the time, with extremely depressed blood oxygen levels at one point and a lung problem associated with pneumonia caused by the coronavirus, according to four people familiar with his condition.

His prognosis became so worrisome before he was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center that officials believed he would need to be put on a ventilator, two of the people familiar with his condition said.

President Joe Biden, whose empathy amid loss is his chief political characteristic, traveled Thursday to console families in Florida enduring the excruciating search for loved ones inside a seaside condo that suddenly collapsed a week ago.

“Never give up hope,” he told the anguished relatives of those still missing, who had gathered in a hotel ballroom to hear from a President whose own reckoning with grief has colored his personal and political lives. Later, Biden told reporters the families were “going through hell” as they question whether they’ll ever be able to recover their loved ones’ remains.

The meeting with families was closed to the press, but some attendees posted about the event on social media. Biden, who spoke softly, had his words translated into Spanish.

“It used to drive me crazy when they’d say I know how you feel,” he said, recounting the deaths of his wife, daughter and son — losses that have punctuated his public life. “And you know they meant well but you know they had no idea. None.”

He was speaking from experience. From the day in 1972 when he was sworn in as US senator at his sons’ hospital bedside following a car crash that had killed his wife and daughter, Biden’s persona been defined by grief. When one of those sons, Beau, died of a brain tumor in 2015, grief again came to color Biden’s life. He wrestled with it publicly, including as he weighed a presidential run.

Why Family matters during times like this


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