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GainzMedia Presents the robdiddy podcast, news, product reviews, sports and random thoughts. Life Gainz with RobDiddy, current news and topics that focuses on unity and knowledge. Also motivation and fitness advice from a Personal Trainer with a Degree in Exercise Science.

Exercise resources provided for people with osteogenesis imperfecta and giving my motivational story to them. Discussion on current events from both a republican and moderate view point. Technology reviews and advice on how to make content online and get noticed.

Failure Is The Stepping Stone To Success.. You're Here For A Reason The RobDiddy Podcast

Build self confidence to be yourself and speak your personal opinion regardless of how people react. Believing in yourself regardless of physical appearance, genetic disabilities and your financial situation. Building the courage to ignore a broken system of news media, sports talk and whatever field you aspire to join. How to not waste time on frivolous ventures like getting guests who have appeared on Radio or Television and making yourself the professional that they go to for their own brand. Plus WHY BLOGGING MAKES YOUR PODCAST FIND LISTENERS ORGANICALLY.
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