SEPARATE YOURSELF..The Next RobDiddy Persona Emerges (EP#57)

Todays episode is part of my continued shift into my new persona as the full compilation of my life, while also including all of the skills I learned this year. GainzMedia mission statement updated, pursuing forward with a new online personal training platform.
So…..My name is Robert Banker.  My Life’s work was becoming a Personal Trainer before that, I have a degree in Exercise Science and a Personal Trainer Certification. This website is me recognizing the state of play and knowing COVID 19 and no one knowing what to do about it ruined the gym industry.

So this website is my new project to reach out to people in Michigan or around the country who want Zoom Personal Training or in home Personal Training. This is me adapting to the change in the market. That’s how it started then it went from fitness to setting up my other properties before anyone claimed the name.

I went back to school in August because I wanted to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant, a job that pays 50 to 60k a year. I would get to work with an Occupational Physical Therapist and use his plan to “train” patients. I was taking Government and Finance classes to learn more about the world. But then I found out that I was almost out of my lifetime Financial Aid. I chose a different path from what I have a degree in, OTA would have made a lot of sense. But I came to a realization that part of the reason I was miserable being a Salesperson/Personal Training Director, was that I wasn’t doing anything creative.

Unlike what most people would do, creating their own videos and then struggling to learn how to edit them I made the decision to tackle the hardest part first. I learned Premiere Pro on my own through trial and error, while learning about Computer Hardware and upgrading my laptop 3 times. I installed upgrades to my computer on my own by studying how to do it and what was required to pull off my end goal. Long story short, my portfolio and YouTube channel are filled with Political Satire videos that targeted Trump supporters. Before you rush to judgment, the YMCA dance was a viral hit and I used it to get my channel’s attention quickly.

Through hard work and extreme focus and dedication I am now launching a job search in order to find employment in a company as a multimedia/digital creator. I am not perfect with Photoshop and WordPress yet, however I am a fast learner and a person who loves challenges and is open to constructive criticism. Please take into consideration my skills are still slightly raw except for Premiere Pro where I am a master. I am great with analytics and SEO and can help your company in any format where it involves digital media or marketing.
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