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Shannon Bream is Fox News Queen

Website Design 

I can create a professional WordPress website for you. Complete with site logos, headers and banners. 

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Video Editing 

If you have viewed my YouTube or Rumble uploads this is obvious. I can take your kids soccer footage and edit it for be something like you wouldn’t believe.

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Photo Editing 

I can fix your old photos or take your head and put it on a fitness dudes body. I can create product images for your small business. 

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Personal Trainer

The greatest collection of Personal Training resources that has ever been created. I can provide you with all of the study materials for NASM, ACE, ACSM and ISSA. I can also provide you with the greatest collection of Sales Material you have ever seen. Even give you a pep talk and guidance on how to be a personal trainer.


Social Media Audience Growth

How to use the right hashtags, titles, and pictures to get more exposure. If you post 100 #Gainz IG videos you’re only going to reach people who are trying to win the same audience.

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Give You a Guest Blogger Role

In order to monetize content on Facebook, YouTube or instagram you have to have 1000 followers. You help me with content on the 5 websites of GainzMedia, I help you with the audience of all 5.

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Just ASK!

Have any questions about anything digital content related, just email

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