Should you buy the Vivitar 4K Action Camera From Walmart?

Here’s why you should by the Vivitar 4K action camera… it can actually be a great compliment to using your iPhone or Android for recording video content. It is actually complicated to use at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s like riding a bike.

So the vivitar Force K action camera. In a $70.00 camera at Walmart. When you go on eBay, you can find it for much less. Now at the $70.00 price range, it is not worth buying. If you go and find it for $30 like I did on eBay, it is a way better value. This camera is a little hard to get used to, but once you figure it out by using your phone and the device connected, it gets a lot easier. Especially for someone like me who is trying to launch a YouTube channel and build a social media profile based around my Jeep and motivational stuff.

The camera has no flash, but it does however come with a complete action kit accessory action camera accessory kit similar to a GoPro it also can use the same GoPro attachments. To connect in to things like bike mounts and floaters like you may see in store. Now the camera needs exterior lighting AKA one of those wing ring lights or any outside LED lighting that will make it so that you can see the objects clearly. Thankfully every store is selling anything camera or phone wise has “blogger and vlogger kits” with light rings and tripods 

I hated this camera at first but I figured it out and one positive about this camera is when you go and find it for $30 on eBay it is way worth it. I also used a Bowser tripod with this and that tripod was garbage since it doesn’t lock it’s height at all. If you press a button on the camera it falls down and you have to start over. 

What Comes with it- 

So the camera comes with the camera has Wi-Fi connectivity ability, which you have to learn to go through the menus. There are two top buttons enter is a side Wi-Fi button this button also serves as a toggle/selection button AKA the button that you go up and down through things. 

The one reason that you would want to get this camera is because if you’re starting to edit your footage from your phone you will notice that if you do anything in selfie mode you’re gonna have the black bars. Once you actually go from phone apps to using a computer you will get super annoyed like I did with the aspect ratio changes. It drove me nuts. 

So in order to fix your aspect ratios and have a more free flowing video edit a camera like this would be great to do things like filming yourself working out in the gym small enough snow and realizes that you’re filming yourself and you don’t look like a douchebag. There’s also a great improvement over the vivitar DVR 783 HD which came out back in like 2015 even though that camera can D it doesn’t have flesh either and also to videos little choppy.

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