Southfield Mobile Home Park

Southfield Mobile Home Park was founded in 1950, sitting just north of 8 mile and Telegraph. It is the child hood home of Robert Banker aka RobDiddy. A crime ridden and Drug dominated “ghetto” it would be shutdown in the summer of 2004 by forced evictions and condemned by The City of Southfield. But that isn’t the entire story of Southfield Mobile Home Park, the majestic land at 21301 Telegraph has a hidden political agenda behind it’s demise and the seizure of low income housing. Through an investigative series, GainzMedia.com owner and founder Robert Banker will show you how corruption and Political Action Committees stole the home his father paid off.

“Because I pulled a LeDuff and have traced Brenda Lawrence ties to Lear corporation run deep. Lear expanded their headquarters after the trailer park I grew up in was.”

@robdiddy to @CharlieLeDuff on Twitter August 29th 2021

No Matter Where You Live, it’s home

In reality… this shack which was the main office of where I grew up… was the scene of collusion that lead to an entire low income community being evicted. The only way to ensure it never happens again is to hold people accountable or ensure it never happens again by draining the swamp?

Why Demand Answers Now? Or At All?

Does any of this matter to anyone else? Yes the families who also lived there were effected, I’ve decided to look at this from the perspective of someone detached from this. It was a deplorable community, that was lower income and drugs and violence were leaking in for years. “The Deplorables” also had a super low risk of ever bringing this up again in a manner that would hurt any official involved. Without knowing the personalities of those living there and how committed someone can be for self improvement there was no way to know.

Firstly, my father had paid off a Mortgage on a Mobile Home there. Why didn’t you move it somewhere else? They condemned all the homes and no one would take them. True story here…. you can actually rebuild a mobile home from the studs that make up the frame into any level of luxury. WHICH MEANS…. They could have taken the homes out and moved elsewhere. Next Question… Beyond that if it was worth being mad about why was it condemned? The only way to evict people from a home they own is that. Secondly in 2004 the cost of moving a mobile home was 2 to 4 thousand dollars. WHICH if you live in a trailer park with high crime rates…. you dont have that kind of money because you’re poor.

Further Stories In This Investigaton

In order to master learning how to create journalist articles and perfect researching, Im using this as a learning experience. What if I’m wrong? If there’s no collusion, no sacred land was taken from my family? Oh well but I figured out how to record and edit news segments.

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