Dont Worry About Michigan as They Beat Rutgers

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As Michigan struggled in the second half against Rutgers and consistent fear that Michigan was not legit set in, the wolverines did just enough to hold onto a 20 to 13 Victory over the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers. Greg Sciano we appreciate you and your teams effort. But go home, we love your team is better and very special.

Cade McNamara played his best half of the season in the first half against Rutgers, mostly hitting receivers in the seams or on the edges in wide open spaces. But when asked to squeeze the ball into tighter spaces as Rutgers’ defense tightened in the second half, he couldn’t.  Which means that if U-M wants to get through the next three games, Jim Harbaugh and Josh Gattis are going to have to loosen the offense and change the play calling.  – Shawn Windsor

The running game that has run wild over multiple Michigan Opponents did not show up like we expected. But guess what? This is why we love College Football and now Cookie at 97.1 can do his horrible bits.

At times, the Wolverines looked vulnerable against the plucky Scarlet Knights. A case can even be made that Rutgers won the second half. After all, Michigan’s defense, dented by the loss of linebacker Josh Ross, hemorrhaged as the Scarlet Knights made a serious bid to erase a 17-point deficit. At the same time, Michigan’s offense, which had previously leaned so heavily on the ground game, dissolved .-Rainer Saban Free Press




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