Detroit Lions Lose to The 49ers BUT NO SOL

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Jared Goof and Dan Campbell made their debuts as Head Coach and Starting Quarterback in the regular season today at Ford Field. The Detroit Lions would end up losing, however this team showed effort in the 4th Quarter.

“The Lions gave themselves a chance to win the game Sunday at the end after falling behind by as many as 28 points, which showed some grit and determination, but the Lions don’t have the kind of roster that can make some of the mistakes they did early in the game and still have an opportunity to win.

As Campbell said after the game, they know their margin for error is small.”

Tim Twentymans article on Sewells debut as a first round draft pick, linked below shows that despite the MEDIA MOB on the radio screaming it was over and a terrible move. He was STRONG capable and held Joey Bosa in check for most of the game.

As twitter went back and forth with saying how terrible the lions were, this usually energetic and passionate fan. Accidentally nodded off and as he woke back up the lions scored the first touch of the seemingly series incredible series of events. (I got stood up during the last drive of the game.. its my fault)

As a 41 to 33 defeat occurred, lets remember that this team never stopped fighting. They were down huge and fought to be in position to tie the game against a far better team.

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The effort today and Jamal Williams running were outstanding, I think you gotta run the ball more than 9 times with him. But I had no idea they had a strong running back like that on the roster, Deandre Swift impressed also. The lack of receiver talent makes me wish Cam Newton would pull a Tebow and sign as a receiver, But hey what do I know. The offense line was impressive in their performance.




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