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Why Jeep Cherokee XJS Commonly Stop Blowing Heat or Warm Air

So for the past few months I bought my Cherokee back in September and I value hat had issues with the heat consistently. we changed out the thermostat we went back and forth about that really was cold or not. My Dad claims that the air was fine, because he drives a school bus and wears 3 layers of clothes everyday. He decided that when he got super cold that it was actually cold in there and blowing cold air and I was right.

So the next thing that we try to do is we decide to flush the radiator and go through that and start ro do that. As you can see in the pictures attached the antifreeze was black kind of and brown and all of it was nasty we ran a peak brand antifreeze / radiator flush kit we did that yesterday I only drove around like an hour and a half because it was cold and I bitterly cold driving out no heat so today we tried it out again no heat so I guess now we have to try this water pump fix and see what we can do from there.

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