J Lab Talk Pro Review And Audio

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So nowadays everybody being stuck at home and doing zoom meetings and finding ways to entertain themselves maybe we have to connect people via webcam or Skype. But then some other manner now some people want to be creative they want to wrap they want to freestyle they want a podcast I want to make You Tube videos. What do all of those things have in common? They need high quality equipment as I tried out several webcams to find one it actually didn’t look horrible; I went through an incredible journey with microphones I started with a toner condenser mic from 2015 I bought on eBay then I moved to the Samsung go a small Mike that was very portable, but it still picked up a lot of background noise. As I bought the toner TC 777 off of Amazon which was said to be the number one selling Mike as well as Amazon’s choice for microphones I was very unpleased with it so I have previously tried out J lab talk go was not really pleased with it then I tried out the JLab talk the mid-level it was good I really liked it but then when I see Best Buy had to talk pro on sale for $104.00 I made a move to try it and it has changed my life.


This Microphone for $150 dollars is the best quality Microphone that I have used without going over $150

The thing that I love the most about it is that you can manually control gain and output volume via knobs on the back of the microphone. It’s extremely helpful and something that the mics on Amazon didn’t offer. I highly recommend this mic and a quiet room and you will have a dominate podcast.

The thing is the JLab microphone is good at not picking up background noise you pay for what you get having the ability to only pick up your voice in front of you and not the background noise is essential from reviews I read online compared to the Yeti microphones that cost less or in the same price range this picks up way less background noise and also was exceptionally good clarity.

Talk PRO features four directional pattern modes: Cardioid, Omni, Stereo, and Bidirectional. Great for individual or business calls, voiceovers, podcasting, music recording, and even ASMR. Choose the mode that will GO with your needs. 

The Tonor TC777 apparently The Number 1 seller on Amazon and it’s weak

The Samson Go Mic is portable and somewhat good for travel.