Kodak PixPro AZ528 Review Update

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Wanna use the Kodak PixPro line of cameras to try to have a budget YouTube camera as you start out? Well here’s the pros and cons of every Kodak PixPro series camera when it comes to YouTube content creation. Also The Pix Pro Remote App, will it work effectively as a monitor? What about green screen and the Kodak Pix Pro AZ528, will this camera effectively work for green screen or as a webcam?

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It’s  been some rough and boredom filled days during COVID19 and then 2020 and 2021. With increasing Technology and more companies trying to provide Digital Cameras under $200 dollars, Point and Shoot cameras are still relevant in this world. A lot of this is because people are working from home into streaming on Twitch heading to buy things on a budget due to the fact we are all going through a mid global pandemic. One of those things that a lot of people have done the past time to start, use the channel logs, create logs in order to find ways to pass the time and connect their friends and family.

Working at home and Streaming Video Games

Some people have even found creative ways. To work from home by using things like digital cameras as webcams via. A capture card. Kodak PixPro models don’t have an HDMI out, an external mic input or a AV out on the camera body.On its website over the course of the last few months I have been pontificating about the greatness of the Kodak Pix Pro. This camera is $200 at Walmart and is basically Kodak’s latest camera model and a model that gives people of all income levels access to. Creating on line content. Attempting to be podcasters or YouTube content creators. One of the things without this camera that is lacking is the fact that its micro USB port is only able to perform charging and mass storage via USB when connected to a Windows computer.

So I have done an extensive review and posted videos on YouTube that people have viewed a couple hundreds of 1000 times. However, my skills have been increasing and developing in Adobe Creative Cloud, especially Adobe Premiere Pro. And audition. As I’ve reached a new level of doing content creation. I decided that I will showcase more on the Kodak Pixpro because what I want to do is to show you as an amateur. You can use this camera for some things. You cannot use the Kodak Pixpro AZ 528. To connect to a capture card on a Windows laptop. That means the Elgato stream labs capture card 4K will not work with your Windows laptop as a webcam or in any manner other than just uploading the video or photos that you take. The reason being this is one of the only cameras that lacks both in an external mic input Jack AKA 3.5 millimeter audio input or output. And a micro or mini HDMI port. Plug it KA female HDMI Jack.

This camera does well when you put it in bright light. If you want to use The AZ528 effectively for YouTube or anything indoors, in bright lighting when you’re trying to create YouTube videos. With this camera, no bright lighting leads to there being pixilated dots in your video and a low quality resolution. So you still have to use the something like selfie things like. Bring lights, white light bulbs and etc in order to be like those vlog kids. And record tremendous video content. Even if you’re just an older person who’s Republican trying to podcast about when America was great.


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