Tzumi Wave Mixer Review

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Tzumni On Air Wave Mixer Review

While I was in staples this weekend, I have been staring at a wave mixer/soundboard every time I’ve gone in. This time it was on clearance for 50% off which led me to wonder what would happen if I added this to my audio setup for the podcast. So I purchased this and wondered how it would work with the USB condenser mic since I paid $150 for my condenser mic I’d simply just wanted to be able to add in more audio sources like sound drops an my phone in order to bring my audition quality to a higher level.

TZumni Wave Mixer

Achieve the unique sound and creative effects your audio projects needs with the ON AIR Wave Mixer. This multifunctional audio device features 12 live sound effects, six voice altering features, and volume adjustments to record or perform in any environment. Designed for use with dynamic and condenser microphones alike, the Wave Mixer features plug-and-play functionality and includes both AUX and USB cables to support your mixing software of choice. The unit has a sturdy aluminum housing and a compact, travel-friendly frame to accommodate your recording needs wherever you may be. Each full charge provides up to eight hours of use and is compatible with most smartphones, headphones, speakers, and computers.

As you Listen to the podcast on any major streaming apps you will hear stories sometimes you will hear me bring up interesting facts. Sometimes news articles or products, do you want to know where these articles come from. Maybe where you can find out what I’m talking about and follow along with the majestic podcast. So I attempted to add a new element to The RobDiddy Podcast and it was Wave Mixer On Air Sound Board from Staples on Clearance 2021.

Now first and foremost when I got home I came to realize that I could not split the audio input from my mic into the soundboard. Secondly, my microphone would not work if it was plugged into the soundboard because it didn’t give it enough power even if I used a micro USB adapter. Every time the jlab Talk Pro is connected to any type of adapter instead of the cord that it came from came with it does not work at all unless it’s hooked up to an iPad with the attachment for media.

The JLab Talk Pro USB Mic

My baby that makes me sound as clear and perfect as a professional podcast.

The Review that I left on Tzumnis Website

Absolutely brutal to try to usb with an expensive USB Condenser Mic like The J Lab Talk Pro. This only works if you buy the entire On Air Podcast package and you wont sound as good as a usb mic.

So I decided to try to see how I can get this to work despite plugging in my headphone earphone Jack to the soundboard eat would not stop screeching and having background noise because of the other aspects that connected to windows I had to run it as the outgoing sound from the sound card into the headphones last microphone adapter on my laptop.

The Only Way it all worked

Here’s where the problem came into play. There was nonstop screeching and when I got it down my mic level wasn’t loud enough. It made things entirely too complicated. The only way a Tzumni Wave Mixer can work with a USB Condenser Mic is if you run the earphone/headphone out jack into a The Mic Input spot.

The Verdict on The Wave Mixer

You can only pull off all of it’s desired benefits if you have a microphone with a 3.5mm output as it’s jack not a USB Mic. Secondly it doesn’t have any ability to customize the buttons, but the voice changing and sound aspect was on point. The Bluetooth connectivity did work to allow for the music or sounds from my phone to be picked up by Adobe Audition. I also may have too many electrical items near my laptop or something that lead to this not working out for me.

This Product is a total disaster and will never make podcasts great again. Rating 2/10

Only buy if you are going to use the entire Tzumni On Air Podcast Kit.

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