The Battle For The Soul Of America

probably on Parler because Trump being banned from twitter is going to bankrupt the app. I would Parlay “I am choosing Federal Court Judge Christopher Charles Cuomo to fill the vacancy left by whomever”. Oddly Cuomo isn’t just on my tv right now, he’s a lawyer and a satellite radio host. The main quality a president looks for is someone who has a record of agreeing with them politically however not being overly political.

The Battle For The Soul Of America needs to be won by changing how we view other peoples opinions. We will never Build Back Better or Make America Great Again with MSNBC and Fox News reaffirming our opinions. We need to discuss the past and acknowledge our failures and then not hold other the side accountable for something from 1832. We will also never get honest reports or documentaries when it’s Vice News interviewing Trump supporters. The tonality of the interviewer makes it sound like they are sad for anyone who ever supported Trump. Then Conservative outlets interview people from a mocking or aggressive tone.

Gainz Media

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[rumble][/rumble]So the Coronavirus Lockdowns took me from a 12 hour a day job to being at home with my parents all the time for basically 7 months. What you don’t realize is when you are basically sent back to your formative years with your family, even at 35 it resets you. I went fishing with my parents several times a week, one day I seen a beta male kayaking down the Huron River and chatted him up. The next day I bought two kayaks for me and my parents, without knowing it all of the influences on me since I got a job at 17 started to wear off and I was reset to teenage me. The me who taught himself HTML and Photoshop in 1999, which is what led me to throw myself back into this.

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