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When it comes to Eastern Religious Leaders and Beliefs, The Highest Power of All happens to be the Jeep Cherokee XJ. Which in today’s United States of America has a cult following like nobody would ever believe.

Actual origin history and Truth the Jeep Cherokee today set the record straight on the history of the Beloved, the iconic Jeep Cherokee is the first place that people know very little about. 

Jeep Cherokee XJ Overview

The Jeep didn’t jump on the scene with the Cherokee starting with the XJ that’s not true the 1984 XJ is the second generation Cherokee the first generation Cherokee started in 1974 who is based on the SJ Wagoneer platform.This  version of the full frame was to allow the Wagoneer to move upmarket. They wanted to come up with a sporty-er possibly less expensive little more rugged version of the Wagoneer.

Looking back at some models of SUVS and it makes for an incredibly iconic truck Broncos, Blazers and ramchargers right as the best SUV of all time. They talked about the SUV History and Cherokee SJ  belongs in this group. It didn’t even exist as an absolute icon of the 1970s and interesting thing is Jeep Cherokee is the first to  ever use a sport utility vehicle,  which makes the argument on what is the first SUV Cherokee it literally invented the term. From then on AMC/Jeep just  continued to perfect the Cherokee since 74 they released this two-door kind of basic rugged e-version and 75 they release a wide track version of the wide track version is 3 in wider includes fender flares.




Jeep XJ on Rumble

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