The Closet Liberal Greg Gutfield

There is now evidence from the same Patriot who exposed that Hunter Biden is corrupt and dishonest. Tony Bobulinksi in a sitdown interview with Tucker Carlson admitted that Greg Gutfield has been to the Biden compound in Delaware 50 times since 2010. Was seen by a business associate of the ever missing Jim Biden.


While the ever mentally declining Jesse Watters is free basing Adderall in the bathroom, then accusing CNN of hiding Tony Bobulinksi’s claims on Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and the never appearing in any actual close up photos to prove he’s still alive.. Jim Biden. Sources have confirmed that Tucker Carlson sought out Mr. Bobulinski who has deep ties to the union corruption scandal in the UAW to protect him from Chris Cuomo. Mr. Bobulinski has taken advantage of Tucker Carlson’s humble geneoristy of allowing him to enjoy the majestic grounds of Carlson’s estate. Even having a studio built to avoid the chance he may run into a shirtless Chris Cuomo and suffer physical harm.

Stand back and stand by as we go deep into the swamp and reveal that in reality Tony Bobulinski stole back the coronavirus cure to stop it from falling into the hands of the most vilianious reporter in america. The Liberal Elite who Q’anon is wrong about everything in their beliefs… Rachel Maddow is the real deep state villian. Chris Cuomo is a majestic warrior here to protect America from more of MSDNCs corrupt plans.

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