The Detroit Sports Radio State Of Play

Truthfully as someone who has a podcast but has barely ever touched sports I feel I’m absolved from the hater comments or jealousy bits. Full disclosure I’m friends with Dennis Fithian and Matt Dery is a mentor to me, and also I am what I am because of old Mike Valenti and The latter Ive attempted to buy several times and cant find a way to acquire it.

So let’s get right after it….. I have listened to 97.1 The Ticket since Day 1, I commented excessively on Mike Valenti’s and I’m going to come out and say it 97.1 sucks now. Truthfully when they were just starting out and during the Matt Dery era they were originals they were something new they had swag. Matt Dery is truthfully under appreciated, when he went to 105.1 Matt Dery was dominate as the lead into Drew Lane and Marc Fellhauer. Side note, I never listened to Drew and Mike to me you can’t judge that show based on what you never heard. But Marc Fellhauer once said “I know Banker” after the great Tom Mazaway wished me happy birthday on air. But the point of that segway is Drew Lane and me have nothing in common, but this dude won me over. The Drew and Marc show was appointment listening and the Drew and Mike podcast is what made me want to be a podcaster.

Matthew “Lathered Up In Butter” Dery

Host- Locked on Lions Podcast

Detroit Sports 105.1 Forever

Insert Tom Mazaway calling me the king of old 105.1 bits…. This post is not brought to you by Auto Lab, Bradford White Water Heaters or Lady Janes. There was something about this new radio station, this rebel to the establishment and they picked guys like Drew and Marc who were (YES DERY!) PILLARS OF DETROIT RADIO. Then they brought Maz who I never knew existed and I grew to love. Tom Mazaway has this sort of I’m an old dude I’ll do whatever the fawk I want vibe. He would bring in his daughters sports teams, everyone knew how good The Lemon Drops were. But Tom Mazaway made you care about his daughters softball teams, he also made you love him when Drew Lane would say this isn’t a sports podcast. Maz apparently has turned into Metro Detroit’s Grant Cardone of Cars and Insurance but then suddenly reappeared on Woodward Sports Network.

True story, except for nights like tonight when I don’t sleep I am never up before noon. My jobs except LA Fitness always allowed for me to create my own schedule aka why I love podcasting, blogging and website designs. ESPNs radio show or Stoney never mattered to me. When I did listen I was half awake, but believe me I loved Jamie on the 6pm show with Wojo. Point being Ryan and Rico vs Karsh and Anderson also barely mattered to me, truthfully when Dery came on 12 I was going to work or to Oakland Community College and it hyped me up. The energy that crosstalk had was amazing no matter who Dery was with, he knew how to make other people more hilarious. The dude is underappreciated in Detroit Radio.

There was a vibe when you turned on 105.1 it was lighthearted and not predictable, people who were on there actually enjoyed being on the air and weren’t full of themselves. Plus you as a listener knew you were helping an outsider go against the monopoly and every time you listened you were showing your belief in these guys. Also yes I have an insane memory and can breakdown any Old Bit… Seinfeld mentions or Matt Dery or Maz segment. Mainly because these two guys had this happiness and personality… does Maz like everyone of my tweets at him? Yes… But that’s the BEAUTY OF TOM MAZAWAY! He actually cares that you tweeted him, he loves that I remembered the lemon drops.

Matt Dery The Relentless Giver

I am a rookie, I am in the stage where I’m discovering who Robert Banker and Rob Diddy are as Podcasters. I compartmentalize my bits and craziness into RobDiddy because it empowers me to be a troll or crazy. Robert Banker is the thought provoking guy who shares both sides of a political argument and also learned how to do everything in the Adobe Creative Cloud by himself. While searching for classic Matt Dery segments, I discovered this dude has done more charity, more podcast appearances on less produced shows than mine than anyone else. Also Tom Mazaway also has done tons of low end podcasts, the point is these guys may have been out of radio but they still helped future generations. Matt Dery may also be helping me with perfecting my podcast for what niche is right for me, which he doesn’t have to do at all. Dery has so many videos helping U of D Mercy Students when he was their Play by Play Basketball Announcer. I actually watched U of D only to support Dery, but don’t tell him that he’s probably already freaked out by my worship of him as a radio god.

97.1 The Ticket in 2021

There is one man at 97.1 The Ticket in my experience who was a common man, someone who responded to tweets and ticket texts. Dennis “Harbaugh 4 Ever” Fithian… This man gave me and Dkrow more of his time than anyone else at that station ever had, he was appointment listening for me every weekend. He and Dan Leech worked better than he and Caputo all day imo. I hate the fact he’s gone…. Full disclosure I’ve been aiding him in his podcast production whenever he has questions. Who knows Diddy may journey to the great city of Ann Arbor and see him.

But here’s my point 97.1 is the same old bit all day and night long, we know whos going to say what. The originality is gone even the addition of Rico with Valenti is like a poor mans Terry Foster. Truthfully it’s like the Red Wings they are making the Playoffs… but in this case that’s because they are the only show in town. After 14 years we all have our routines, I’m tired of rap music and after listening to podcasts I put on 97.1 out of routine for the soul fact I need ideas for my podcast. Also I listen to my own podcast on at least 1 different app a day so that I keep getting stats for sponsors sue me.

Will Woodward Sports Network Save Us?

There’s no Matt Dery so no. BUT TOM MAZAWAY 5 DAYS A WEEK. To be honest I have been so caught up in learning, perfecting and recording audio and video plus WRITING.. I had no idea this Podcast Network came about. For a little bit I didn’t want to do Detroit Sports because I don’t want to take food out Dennis or Maz kids mouths. So you will only see me doing Sports as a warm up incase Fithian needs me to join him. I truly hope that Woodward Sports which is owned by Lady Janes owner Chad Johnson can save us. Let’s be real we know that dude has money and without 105.1 to pour all his advertising budget into much like the My Pillow Guy he needed a new passion.

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