The Gainz Media State of The Union August 2021

This post purpose is to state on the record, I’m finishing up aka The Digital Media Production service. This will provide freelance, website designs, graphic designs, Search Engine Optimization and anything else you have ever seen me do on this website. Those people who are located in the Great State of Michigan can hire me for Videographer and photography services.

The entire premise of Gainz Media LLC is to entertain and inform the average American. Secondly we produce a podcast called The Rob Diddy Podcast, which is basically my take on the world. Secondly we have a YouTube and Rumble video channel. Anything related to photo or video editing can be found on where my full online Digital Media Content Portfolio exists. Robert Banker is a graphic designer, podcaster, video editor and producer, website designer and owner of Gainz Media LLC. Gainz Media is a online content company similar to Barstool Sports or Vice TV. We are based in Novi, Michigan and can produce local videos and photos. What began as a way to kill time turned into my passion in life, this media company is ran by Robert Banker. Anything you would like to ask or submit please send to

I am building to be a portfolio of all my work and skill set that I have learned this past year. Since September 2021 will mark me having to launch this platform as a profession or to find a job in the industry I’ve poured my heart and soul into learning.

Donald Trump Meme

It all started with this Views 15,300

Gainz Media YouTube-8.1k Views 38 Subscribers

TikTok- GainzMedia 2k Followers 15k Views last 60 days

The podcast is the newest development has already been played 1000 times which is amazing considering I still dont really know what Im doing. In terms of planning a show, staying on topic and etc. We know I can edit and produce, but this is a new skill.

AND BY THE WAY… THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!! Follow @robdiddy and @gainzmedia on all social media.

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