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Test prep health, client intake forms and all the information to help you get ready for the personal trainer exams. Plus on the job advice and ways to make you a successful personal trainer

Health and Wellness Info

Articles on nutrition, working out and other health related topics. So I have a degree in Exercise Science and an ACE CPT certification. Despite being born with a bone disease and finding joy in my own health, during the pandemic I debated how to change careers. Having Osteogenesis Imperfecta limits how huge I can get.. However I know everything you need to know to help you with the certification process.
I also can help explain to you what a personal trainer actually does and how to prepare a workout plan for a harder client. 

This is the laziest thing I’ve ever done, but I needed to have one fully complete site. Just to see if it would improve the amount of hits on the page. The more in-depth health and wellness resources can be found at and

About Us-

Robert Banker
2018 OCC Exercise Science Associates
ACE CPT 2018

Additional Credentials-

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro

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