The Kodak PixPro AZ528 Review and Actual Footage

This video contains a full review of the Kodak PixPro AZ528 from Walmart, the camera retails for $199.99 and was released in 2020. The camera does not have a flip screen, but it has the best app and phone connectivity out of all other cameras under 200 dollars. This camera is perfect for taking nature photos or vlogging. This YouTube video was made on my iPhone XR, the Kodak and my Akaso Brave 4 Action camera.

Kodak pix pro AZ 528 from Walmart is an incredible camera for anyone looking to buy one on a budget. This camera kit provides an awesome zoom that is up to 52 X compared to regular bones or action cameras we have zero zoom. I recommend this camera for starting out a YouTube channel or doing with vlogging. Mainly  because as you can see it has pretty good clarity and even the photos that I took when I was working on my car came out pretty crisp.

Kodak AZ528 Bird Watching

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KODAK PIXPRO AZ528 Astro Zoom Camera Features: 

  • 52x Optical Zoom
  • 24mm Wide Angle Lens
  • 16 MP CMOS Sensor
  • 6 fps Burst Shooting
  • 3″ LCD
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Wirelessly Control with your iOS/ANDROID Device

This video above is video shot on the Kodak PixPro AZ528 and it turns out really good, the zooming lens is great when you use a tripod. I was able to get images of ducks on the lake from a very long distance. When you are recording a vlog it doesnt have a flip screen but the app provides a great screen when you connect via personal hotspot.

Alright, so. Wanted the main reasons that I appreciate the Pixpro AZ 528 so much is Natalie. Is it cost effective? It also delivers great quality pictures. Now, compared to taking a photo on my phone, which is limited because you can’t add lenses or really zoom, it is really taking better photos and picked up the background way better. So one other benefit. Is that it also comes with?

When it comes to being a new Blogger or a new You tuber or whatever it may be. We have to make sure we don’t spend a ton of money before we even have anything working out. If you look at it, there’s a lot involved in getting things that go viral. One thing that I started with was editing truck videos and as I had decided that I should probably do something else because people got annoyed, I started to look at cameras that could help me to take better quality photos. Because unlike everyone else, I mastered Adobe Premiere Pro before I even learn how to take proper videos.


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