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1703 Britain was destroyed by a Tempest.. Not a temptress like you find in a strip club. In 1815 there was a great climate crisis.. in 1912 there was a deadly global pandemic worse than what we are experiencing now. When’s the last time LA was destroyed by an earth quake? In my moms life they said California would be gone.

Somehow between 1700 and 2021 cities we as humans decided to build cities in areas that were not the best choices. New Orleans for example, is below sea level mankind can not permanently over power Mother Nature. Parts of Texas suffered similar damage and events in the past like hurricane katrina.

Do we simply not have an accurate record of the past weather due to lack of technology? In 1776 when we decided to claim this majestic land between two oceans some say god set aside for Americans. Could George Washington communicate with native Americans and ask for a breakdown of the climate over the past 300 years? No because the Indians didn’t speak English and he was too pissed off about taxes and socialism.

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