The Latest Tucker Carlson and Trump Video Super Cuts

These are the latest videos that Gainz Media has created, obviously you have have found us because of the incredible Trump videos that we have produced. Well here’s some variations and different concepts. Greg Gutfeld moving to 11pm while still doing The Five is so big league. Have any requests for video edits??

why would Stelter air this clip of him doing a live shot without pants on his own show?

Gregory John Gutfeld is an American television host, producer, political commentator, author, and comedian. He is the host of the late-night talk show The Greg Gutfeld Show and one of five co-hosts and panelists on the political talk show The Five, both of which air on the Fox News Channel.

This isn’t the first time a CNN star’s appearance drew scrutiny. Chris Cuomo was accused of staging his emergence from his basement following his recovery from the coronavirus after it was reported that he had an altercation with a cyclist outside of his Hamptons property. The cyclist had reportedly noticed that the CNN anchor was not abiding by his governor brother’s quarantine orders for those infected with the virus.

“Alright, here it is … the official reentry from the basement, cleared by the CDC,” Cuomo narrated as he walked upstairs to greet his family. “This is what I’ve been dreaming of, literally, for weeks … this is the dream, just to be back up here doing normal things.”

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