The Media Mob and Its help in Creation

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That being obsessed with Cable news over the summer and still am is about to make this so easy. When I’m President and I am sitting at the resolution desk, probably on Parler because Trump being banned from twitter is going to bankrupt the app. I would Parlay “I am choosing Federal Court Judge Christopher Charles Cuomo to fill the vacancy left by whomever”. Oddly Cuomo isn’t just on my tv right now, he’s a lawyer and a satellite radio host. The main quality a president looks for is someone who has a record of agreeing with them politically however not being overly political. Amy Coney Barret is a hardcore Catholic, she is outspoken on abortion and her religious beliefs. She is someone who also is young, she will serve in her role for decades. The president always looks for someone who fits the beliefs he has, because it’s basically their lasting legacy. Trump may be the most accomplished 1 term president in United States history. I think that’s what comes first, how they rule on matters you care about. The age factor is important because it’s a lifetime appointment. Gender and Race matter if you want the court to resemble America, which is pretty easy to run down when you look for someone who has the same beliefs as your base. The matters of demographic info only matters if you have someone that believes in what you want in a justice and have someone fitting that.
Key court cases in the future, Trump getting a shot at a third justice when he knows how tough this election would be are a strong factor for his appointments. The abortion case is going to come up again now that conservatives have a court that seems that it would rule in their favor. First case is going to be the 2020 election and somehow getting this decided in a way that heals and moves us forward. The court will have cases on The Affordable Healthcare Act, Immigration and social media censorship in my opinion. That’s why it’s important to have an appointment that its your values as a President, because it lasts forever. My appointee would have me talk them up as a great person, a tremendous Patriot and all the Trump building someone up. “Alec Thompson, the greatest political science professor God ever created… look at those class sizes. Tremendous classes, he made Political Science great again”. You have to pick someone who’s not soft, someone who has heart and can stand up for themselves on the senate floor. But however, not give any information that can lead to a Robert Bjork.You gotta have the person prepared to handle pressure and pick the right person for the hearing, Bret Kavanaugh dealt with tremendous pressure so did Clarence Thomas. Both were confirmed because they knew how to deal with it.

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