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The Mission Statement

I saw and opportunity to create a new business concept because of COVID 19 and this is my vision for this page. So there’s two things in life that I love, operating a business or department at a company and fitness. But fitness has many different applications nowadays, there is a new trend where personal training programs are built into cardio machines. You also can even buy equipment that uses resistance provided by a machine to serve as a personal trainer. Then we have COVID 19 shutting down gyms, and people bought up all the fitness equipment in every store. So there is going to be less people in brick and mortar gyms for a little while, leaving many personal trainers still unemployed or underemployed. But there is still a need for people to receive expert help and know what exercise progressions to do so they actually improve their body. I choose an online option that provides outdoor or in home workouts to cater to people who are worried about being exposed to the virus. The third opportunity is something that while laid off I started learning more about to fill my time, which is home improvement. Which also can provide an opportunity to make money. However that industry is already packed with people performing that service. 

I love helping people get improvements in their life, whether it be an older person getting more function of a young dude getting muscle for the first time. So my business plan is to run a Health and Wellness website that sells a variety of customized to the clients goals. But unlike the Instagram models selling the same generic plans, I would specialize in doing the Personal Training in the person’s home, a gym or outside. Realistically this virus pandemic has shown that a physical gym is capable of being closed for long periods of time for Public Safety. Though traditionally the government has never interfered in private business at this extent. The long duration of not being able to enter a gym has made it so people see they can get results at home. When you’re a personal trainer or sales person at Lifetime or LA Fitness, they employ sales people for memberships. Those people bring you the leads that you try to close, if you had my Personal Training Director job you then handed those now clients off to your training staff. So the one disadvantage of this idea is that I am taking one the full process. So as time goes on I would bring others on board to serve different roles in this process.

In terms of my overall vision, skill set, education and personal traits when it comes to this option. In 2008 my friend brought me in to work with him at a Designated Driver company, this was pre uber. The benefit versus Uber still is that you ride home in your own car, this today is still viable especially since youd only pay for the trip home. I stopped working for them for a while and then someone who I worked with there sent me a text asking if I could drive him home one night. I found out that the company folded and there was now a need someone needed to fill. So without any experience I made a side hustle for after my day job and made almost double the money I was making before. I taught myself how to market, build a web presence and how to target consumers. Then I worked at the Livonia YMCA, and used that same skill set and drive to go from the new guy to the person who helped the team increase revenue. Then I got sold on a dream by LA Fitness and learned all the sales skills possible when it came to Personal Training. Except my morale compass held me back from employing all of the tactics on people who I used observational reasoning to determine they actually couldn’t pay for it.


Personality traits wise, I have always had managers give me leadership tasks. At Meijer, I never made it into management because they used it as a carrot to dangle in front of me so I’d do tasks no one wanted to do. I also have a work ethic that few people can match, running my own business benefits me in several ways. Creating my own schedule while helping people is going to allow the life balance I desire. Furthermore, I have taught myself how to operate when success is the only option, this has led to laser like focus on achieving my goals. I also believe that having control of pricing allows me to help more people than working at a big box gym. Plus using these skills allows me to market web design and make money off of that also. All while working on a laptop that could be at my house or somewhere that I choose as opposed to sitting at a desk or cash register all day. Honestly, I became a different person than who I was before LA Fitness. What was said repeatedly to me is that making sales and winning that day is more important than the big picture. Which is why they had to remove the management who allowed selling corrupt agreements and lying to people. 

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