The RobDiddy Podcast EPisode 42 Show Notes

So what I did is I bought a $30 head gasket repair kit basically it additive out throw it in now with that date is it stop darling he overheated like three times. Also we have used two things JB Weld high temperature partially got the freeze plug fixed. Now we were still leaking we’re still overheating or still running rough, so I have done a complete coolant system flush. I have also added a oil change, block sealer and also am installing a trans cooler.Radiator hose Jan, Oil Pressure switch, Spark plugs air Filter FEB 2021 Water Pump March Blower motor resistor march March 29th Wheel Hub Heater Core Inlet Hose and U Joint, Windshield Washer Pump June 2021 April Wheel Hub #2 Dust Shields.

The heat didn’t work at all basically during the cold winter months, but my Jeep atleast ran well and can travel up to 50 or more miles one way without issue. Check out that post below and also will now be home to all my Jeep Cherokee XJ related posts.

Added a Boom Mic Stand to the Studio 

So if you seen my last post, the coolant leak is gone the freeze plug is handled now via additives and JB Weld until I am forced to do it and the head gasket. In the previous 2 maybe 3 weeks I have been able to drive up to 5 miles before any issues like overheating occurred. Then it would stall even in the middle of the road until it cooled down.

Ive been obsessed with the concept of the head gasket or valve cover leak. Except my oil has zero antifreeze in it and I did a flush and the water came out as clean and majestic as the great lakes. So today I tried something different I burped my cooling system for the first time. What I discovered was the lime away I thought was out was really just blocked or in an air pocket. Suddenly that part of the problem was solved. It was incredible.. I did do a test for exhaust fumes and it came back slightly greenish yellow. Not the full yellow at the exhaust pipe.

So I was studying diagrams of XJ motors and also my dad has a 00 Sport. We already were aware that the previous owner messed up the vaccum system when he put on the new bumper. I knew he took the AC condenser out….

I didn’t realize that there is an entire line that goes to my transmission thats not there until today. Also when we compared both XJs I don’t have a trans cooler. When it was below 70 degrees I had zero issues. I also realized they way they did the removal that exhaust fumes or combustion gases were exposed to where air intake would be.




99 Jeep Cherokee Radiator

By the way… Aside from reinstalling that and running the lines. I’m going to just study all the content I can and do the head gasket repair with my dad. Right now I can drive it to and from the gas station about a mile away if need be. I’m going to just take it apart, probably take the water pump back and exchange it for a new one. Probably do a new radiator too. Just to get all of this fixed.

The best way to learn…. Is trial and error. I started making my own content with videos in the last few months. I bought a new camera 2 weeks ago with a flip up monitor so i can see myself as i record. Podcasting where no one sees me is so much easier since there’s no i hope i don’t look like an idiot.

I’m leaning towards replacing the radiator, I bought a new thermostat i believe i bought the 180 instead of the 195 in the winter. I bought the 195 yesterday, when i first got the Jeep there was brown substance in the cooling system. I don’t know if maybe the guy ran a additives and that was what was in there.

The lines for the transcooler are in the engine there plugged up, truthfully the transcooler is 30 dollars. I’d rather put one back in, exchange the water pump for a new one since it’s 3 months old, new thermostat, head gasket and new radiator.

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