Truth Gainz: Examining Viral Photos

Ladies and gentlemen as we go through the Internet, we see viral photos that appear almost every day whether it’s a news story whether it’s sports or whether it is just something we see on Facebook that interests us. Against media we are now launching a series where we will zoom in on photos and check out is this really what the viral claimed say that it is or is this something that’s just misunderstood or is it exactly what it looks like. Starting off with today’s series we will use this viral photo that is surfacing of a Border Patrol agent and a Haitian immigrant trying to cross the border to come into America.

Border patrol agent with a whip or horse rein grabbing a Haitian immigrant.
Current viral photo at the US Mexico border

This photo was posted by a photographer and then I saw on Yahoo what I wanted to find out was this more than meets the eye is the viral claims that this photo is a whip or is it a rain from a horse. This will be the first part in our new investigative series that will help us to examine what really is going on in the world today and use this platform for good. As people complain left and right about the immigration crisis in the border, I focused more on sports however this website provides knowledge truth and entertainment that helps people who come to a better understanding. I don’t fully understand this photo because it appears to me that he has his hand on the dude, which is probably unacceptable, but then his other hand appears to be bracing him up and that cord or rope appears to be the rain from the horse.

Border patrol agent with a whip or horse rein grabbing a Haitian immigrant.
Zoomed in closer to show that its the same material that is on the face of the horse

What we can take away from this photo is that while it is not a great look for any law enforcement agency or agent to be grabbing someone in this manner especially someone of a darker skin color during this. In America where we are trying to get through a police crisis and find common ground and all come together as one. Uber way this photo is terrible, and I feel the man should not have added his hand on the person trying to cross in but this is something that we will look at in more photos to come and look for information because truthfully the whole platform is supposed to be here to provide knowledge that helps people and helps educate and inform people on things they did not fully understand.

Hatian immigrant US border patrol agent zoomed in
Hatian immigrant US border patrol agent zoomed in and comparison

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