Using Xsplit Broadcaster For Making a Video Podcast Plus An Overall Review Of Xsplit VCAM and Broadcaster

In terms of recording high quality audio and video when trying to create a video podcast as a beginner on a budget, I needed to look into what my options were for using my JLAB Talk Pro as audio input and a camera not built into my laptop. The problem is somewhat my fault and somewhat me becoming an Adobe Creative Cloud dominate person, any software that I try to use that’s not like I learned on frustrates me heavily. I needed to try out some of the software programs that people have been using to stream video games on twitch and other platforms to see if I could do what I wanted to do.

For all of the love I’ve given then Kodak PixPro AZ528 for it;s zoom and incredible wifi mode that seamlessly connected with my iPhone and iPad, it has no mic input for recording clear audio. I also cant get it to work as a webcam because the micro USB doesn’t send video out. My baby, my Fuji FinePix XP 130 wont send video out of it’s micro hdmi port. The Kodak AZ528 will not work as a webcam even with a video capture card.

Another challenge for me was that I wanted to incorporate a sound board into my podcast. As a fan of the Drew and Mike Podcast I felt that adding drops would be sick.

The Elgato Stream deck will not plug and play into Adobe Audition as an audio source. It doesn’t have the capability, so in order for me to use this as a sound board I needed to learn OBS or XSplit.

So I needed to find an answer, but first let’s explain what OBS, XSplit and XSplit VCAM are so you can comprehend what I’m talking about.

XSplit BroadcasterXSplit VCamOBS Stream LabsWindows CameraAdobe Audition
What it DoesAllows for video and audio capture for streaming or for a recorded video for YouTube or rumble.Allows for your cell phone or tablet to operate as a Video Input Device on your laptop.Allows for video and audio capture for streaming or for a recorded video for YouTube or rumble.Captures video and photos, but you can change the settings on your laptop to use custom mic and change it to Virtual Cameras.Audio recording software from Adobe that connects with Premiere Pro for post production
LimitationsComplicated to start with after being solely a Video Editor in post production.Your network can mess up the connections between it and both programs.Not as many extensions as offered with XSplit Broadcaster.Limited to what your laptop came with unless you upgrade to a webcam, however then you lose a usb slot.You can live record but can’t add in video or add in things like a sound board in real time.
Website to Download or BuyXSplit HomeXSplit Home
PriceFree at first but Premium is offeredWatermarks unless you upgradeFreeYour Laptops price or the price of a external webcam$20.00 Monthly

First off Let’s Review XSplit Broadcaster-

A powerful user interface offering limitless customization.
  • Simply drag, drop and resize a multitude of media sources like images, videos, GIFs and web pages! Add Skype calls with just a click or screen capture your Zoom, Teams, or Discord calls!
  • XSplit Broadcaster is more than just a screen recorder. Manage everything from a single monitor with the In-Game HUD or use multiple displays with our projector mode. Using OBS? Use our OBS Importer to get you started.
  • Start streaming to any of the top broadcast platforms with our native plugins or use Custom RTMP to stream to any platform. You can stream and record multiple outputs at once as well as use our built-in Chat plugins as well as using browser source to add web pages designed for live streaming alerts.

XSplit makes it way easier to add in Skype Calls, you just simple upgrade your Skype download to Skype for creators. OBS its more complicated and somewhat annoying. XSplit way better at intergrations for making a podcast or online talk show.

Using XSplit Virtual Camera with XSplit Broadcaster and OBS Broadcaster-

So I have had issues with the camera selection switching back to my HP Pavilion Gaming 16 laptops terrible 720 camera, it seems like I does it randomly. Which has made the entire process of putting together a strong podcast frustrating. For as much hope as I had for this product and it’s ability to record video podcast the process has been annoying. The ability to have so many plugins and extensions for input sources is highly favorable compared to OBS.

XSPlit and Skype Connection is Amazing

After struggling with it for 2 days and setting myself back I finally figured out how to incorporate my mic and the recording from Skype calls.

The Conclusion of The XSPLIT AND OBS For Video Podcasts-

First and foremost I still suck at using both and I would prefer to record and capture my videos in Adobe Premiere Pro directly except I don’t have the camera capable for that yet. Secondly I am still working out my bugs and learning XSplit. Honestly I think the VCam just like OBS Cam was doubling my audio, I don’t want the cameras audio I only want audio from my USB Desk Mic. I feel with more practice I’ll update this with more XSplit content and a tutorial once I fully master using it.

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