Wait There’s Macaroni and Cheese Flavored ICE Cream?

In a story posted by The Cable News Network, who took time off of posting and talking about January 6th and Trump being evil. A watershed moment in my life happened, CNN alerted the masses to the fact there’s macaroni and cheese flavored ice cream.


You might as yourself… when is Robert Banker reviewing this flavor? The answer is never that is disgusting.. I like macaroni and cheese however I’m not eating this. I’m not sampling it, I want nothing to do with it.

Why the hell is ice cream being violated with all these odd flavors? I get coffee flavor which I’ll never eat but this? This is a step too far into insanity.

epic video that we recorded today. Now many of you have watched the cable news battle of the summer in the fall but this is the try crowning moment of the entire battle the owning step Tucker Carlson is done via sarcasm Don Lemon Chris Cuomo has been epic.

Meanwhile CNN is trailed into third place in ratings all summer and ball long despite their never trump attitude and their constant hate of Fox News the evil they trail in the ratings and are losing even to MSDN C AKA the state TV network of the radical left.

Meanwhile Tucker Carlson dominates the ratings with his unique brand of sarcasm and humor. Truly Tucker is the one Cable News show that will never fall from grace.

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