Welcome to Gainz Media Rebuild

This was a terrible idea and is way more work than I thought it would be… Stay tuned everything will be back and better than ever.

As I’ve learned how to master WordPress I have tried a lot of things in order to learn. Made a ton of mistakes and learned a lot along the way.

Truthfully this site loads entirely way too slow, I moved all of my other domains to a2hosting away from ionos. Now here in lies the problem, this website is basically my life’s work. I am in the process of backing up the text files and switching over. There is a coding error somewhere along the way that makes the page titles in the menu section weird.

Also there is a ton of broken code and unfinished articles and things I know I could have done better. If we appear down at any point don’t worry it’s only short term. I could leave it this away and have decent seo on desktop and suck ob mobile.

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