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A thing like this possibly has never happened before. So in order to rebuild the Google and Big SEO and fix up everything I have gone through rebuilding and reposting everything. There may still be images missing and I apologize greatly for anything that’s broken. Truthfully in order to be more organized and structured I needed to assess all of the assets of Gainz Media and rebuild like nobody’s ever seen before.

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@gainzmedia on everything now! That was also part of why we had to rebuild in order to show that we now have the whole @GainzMedia on Instagram

Gainz Media Designs Site Speed

“We accelerate websites using our own pioneering techniques without altering the design of your site. Your User Interface will look identical. Guaranteed Google Page Speed Optimization Score and/or GT Metrix Scores…Get ahead of Google’s Page Experience Update in June 2021, where website speed will be a top priority…..A faster website means improved user experience resulting in more pages visited, more enquires and more sales” https://gainzdesigns.com/wordpress

With Google’s June update my website’s page speed is now more important than ever. To date, business owners generally have not paid a great deal of attention to their website speed but come June 2021, if your website does not hit the mark, your position on Google could drop quite significantly. Google is constantly trying to improve it’s user’s experience and in doing so will seriously favor websites and business whose loading times are within Google’s Guidelines.

So basically I had to go back through and fix up the entire Gainz Media platform and it’s faster than it ever was ever before. If you look at my former co worker and soon to be featured pillar of the community AmericaJr.com website… its slow and doesn’t load as quickly as we do. Upon research I learned I needed to make some changes to this website in order to boost my Google Search.

A simple Google Search says it all….
Takeaway #1: Site speed is important, but it’s just one ranking factor among many. Like most ranking factors, page load time alone won’t earn you a top spot on the SERPs, but a slow speed will hold you back from ranking higher.

This was a terrible idea and is way more work than I thought it would be… Stay tuned everything will be back and better than ever. As I’ve learned how to master WordPress I have tried a lot of things in order to learn. Made a ton of mistakes and learned a lot along the way.

Truthfully this site loaded entirely way too slow, I moved all of my other domains to a2hosting away from ionos. Now here in lies the problem, this website is basically my life’s work. I am in the process of backing up the text files and switching over. There is a coding error somewhere along the way that makes the page titles in the menu section weird.

Also there is a ton of broken code and unfinished articles and things I know I could have done better. If we appear down at any point don’t worry it’s only short term. I could leave it this away and have decent seo on desktop and suck on mobile.

For what it’s worth unique visitors grew by 100% in the last two days without all of the images being setup and the site looking how I wanted. Yes its the same theme but I needed a way to buy time restoring all of the wordpress content I lost when I relaunched.

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