What happens when I delete a WordPress Page Builder?

I’ve been learning through trial and error how to use WordPress and how to build web pages that looked professional and stood out. What I realized is that my numbers on Google and Jetpack were crashing hardcore. What happens is when you use a page builder it inserts random and excessive text and code throughout the pages you build, aka Google doesn’t connect you to them because it cant tell if your a knowledge source.


One day in the Winter I was pulling hundreds of views a day but when I switched to using Boldgrid suddenly the stats began to tank.

While SEO is a very complex and speculative subject (we’ve found that rain dances help significantly with weather and SEO), using a page builder that generates lightweight and semantic markup should not have any negative affect on SEO.Jan 30, 2015″

Do WordPress Page Builders Hurt Your SEO?

Honestly you’re better off just using the block and classic editor together and it will make life way easier and people will actually find your site. My videos on Facebook, Youtube and Rumble were blowing up but the same content on this site wasn’t. This is what lead to discover what was happening and it was the page builder.


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