Why Gainz Media Was Created

So a month ago I started becoming obsessed with making videos and website content again. Since making the commitment to mastering this craft something that makes me really happy, I’ve experienced a lot of positivity in my life. So I started working nonstop on getting bad at videos and perfecting my website skills. It’s now at the point I can officially roll out yourhealthcomeback.com and thepoliticsbank.com. 

I called it healthcomeback.com and then realized yourhealthcomeback.com sounds better and I own both domains. I’m going to be honest, COVID 19 changed everything in terms of being a personal trainer. The fact of the matter is people who were obsessed with working out built up their at home equipment and those who would be interested in buying Training are afraid of gyms. However there is an entire new market of people who could acquire knowledge that helps them achieve their goals at home. Face time, zoom outside workouts and even a workout plan with a monthly assessment and a new workout plan are now more concrete than working in a gym.

Secondly, the ever corrupt and dishonest big gyms immediately found loopholes to overcome people’s contracts and convenience them they have to pay. For a prepaid service that in reality has expired. I refuse to accept that my 2 years of schooling and my dedication to getting my certification lead me to nothing. Furthermore, ThePoliticsBank.com isn’t going to be the daily caller or Brietbart. No this isn’t even the Huffington post. This is a website that will have both sides of the argument equally represented. But guess what? You gotta link to constitutional facts to post here, you have to have evidence to back up your opinions. Because in this time of division its time to educate the people. That’s actually why I dived deep into video creation, leading me to get to work with Jon Connor. 

In 1999 I learned how to write HTML and Photoshop because I was obsessed with WWE and I owned wrestlespot.com at age 16. I gave up on what probably would have given me a different life and this is the resurrection. This is going to be The Peoples Media Group, thegainzbank.com still exists because it’s how I learned to make websites. Also I will not hire any established writers or content producers, I will mentor my own and change peoples lives.

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