Why the division in The United States of America exists and won’t be resolved anytime soon

The United States of America has become divided and many people wonder when it will go back to normal. We just watched an impeachment trial where every single day the anchors of Cable News networks talked down to republicans. What do I mean? The tone in which Jake Tappers speaks when addressing President Trump or his supporters comes across as him being the higher morale authority.


When we stop watching one single network and flip through the others, we see how it’s being pitched that the other side is evil and other channels are evil too. When a commentator like Van Jones or Joy Reid speaks, their words matter they carry weight. Same with Hannity and Tucker Carlson, so we get more wood put on a fire that won’t burn out because it’s what those watching want to hear. They need to make sure they are telling their audiences how evil Republicans are or how crazy Democrats are.

There is no presentation of both sides of the argument, a simple search of social media will show posts of an angry Republican or a Democrat speaking in a elitist tone. But if you don’t objectively see the content, you don’t recognize that this isn’t going to solve anything. 

Republicans strategy for white rural voters

Via GainzMedia.com I will work to present both sides of the argument and point out the hypocrisy and false information. There is a sales tactic in every broadcast to keep you glued to your favorite channel.

Also whatever you do don’t make a gab account, it’s just white people complaining about the nuclear family and masculinity disappearing. In that same regard don’t watch political videos on TikTok I don’t even know what a pan sexual is but I discovered the poet laureate of them ranting about American politics being a shame. You get to freely rant about gender not being an identifying trait, you’re white privilege must have blinded you.

White Privilege, is also the dumbest concept ever spoken on by one white person to another white person. How about… yo I get your outlook but people don’t believe things they can’t see evidence to backup. So now we in a battle of I care more about this issue than you do, so I’m better than you. This also is why when Governor Whitmer speaks about how she’s making responsible science based rules, people feel that they are being talked down to. It gives an impression that you are a bad person and she cares more about you then you do. I’m taking away this freedom from you because you’re not mature or responsible enough to protect yourself.

Trump photoshop

When it comes to messages of love and unity, Don Lemon said he has to cut off friends because they supported Trump. Cancel culture has owned many republicans and democrats it’s not just on one side. This blog post based on a message of a United America, the greatest country in the world will probably be horribly under read.


Whether you are peacefully and patriotically marching to the US Capitol or you are a peaceful protestor for BLM you will only see material dedicated to your views. The internet is designed to keep us engaged with a website or YouTube channel.

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