WYZE 1080p InDoor Camera Fail As a Webcam

So if you’ve followed this website at all over the course of the last few months you have seen that we have done several budget technology reviews. in order to try to teach people how to record podcasts record YouTube videos on a budget. Recently after trying the X split and the OBS to produce a Wi-Fi video camcorder situation to produce a podcast I started looking into budget webcams so today we will test out the wise indoor Wi-Fi 1080P webcam to see if we can use it as a webcam on our computer to record a podcast or any type of high quality videos .

The wise Wi-Fi webcam is more or less is security indoor camera as part as the wise smart home setup but I figured since it said it had capabilities of being indoor camera I would give it a test to see if it would be applicable to doing recording as a webcam since most webcams are gone right now.

the result of this was after several attempts it would not connect to my PC and let’s say about $10 app in order to stream the camera was bought on clearance for $25 at my local Walmart so after using the app and watching the video that include below it came across me that this was not going to workout.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera


Also for what it’s worth the Kodak pixpro AZ 528 does not have the ability for an external mic input already ability to connect to a computer as a webcam it let me down completely after much trial and error neither does the Fuji fine pix XP 1:30

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